Wednesday, February 18, 2009

nutella on rainbow

sick days make me seriously miss my mom.

she used to bring home really strange movies from Davis library like "a troll in central park" or
"the peanut butter solution"

and she would make nutella sandwiches on rainbow bread.

but she did that even when I wasn't sick


Rebs said...

OMG! I loved Peanut Butter Solution! Nobody remembers the part when his hair made magical paint brushes that would paint portals into new worlds!!! We used to check that out from the library every weekend.

alfa foxtrot said...

those nutella sandwiches were the BEST. maybe i'll go over to ewing and hang out with your mom for a bit

ej said...

!!! i thought maybe i was the only person to ever see that peanut butter-wig movie!!!!!!! its haunted me like paxcow !